William Sandford Wapshare


William was born on the 5 Feb 1783 and Christened at the cathedral on 1 Oct 1784.     He matriculated at Easter 1806 and went on for his LLB in 1812 (Cambridge University Alumni) He was ordained on 9 Aug 1807 at Salisbury Cathedral (see Wren House),

His patron was the Dean and Chapter of Salisbury Cathedral, he was made Curate of Landford at his ordination and then Perpetual Curate of St Thomas’, Salisbury in 1814 (church record).

William was married in Stockton Wiltshire on the 2 Nov 1813 to Cooth Anna Austen from Ensbury, Dorset. (In her will she mentions three ‘Good’ brothers)

Confusingly there was a report from a newspaper :-

Same day was married, at Stockton, by the Rev.Henry Good, the Rev.Wm.Wapshare, of the Close, to Cooth Anna, daughter of the late Wm.Austin, Esq. of Ensbury, in the county of Dorset.

Then in 1817 he became Vicar of Chitterne, St Mary.

William and Cooth Anna had 6 children. William Henry b 10 Mar 1814 was the first and he was the one who went to India.(see below)

2/Charles John born 1815 and died when he was 20....- 3/Mary born 1817, married John Wyndham in 1840 and died before she was 35...4/- Anna born 1818 and died when she was 25.- ...(John Wyndham’s brother left for Australia to start a winery.)
5/ Catherine Eleanor was born in 1819, she spent most of her life with her Aunt Frances. Then in 1852 she married Henry Robertson, Aunt Frances died and Catherine had a son who died and was buried with Frances. 6/Frances, no records this child.-

Property- ( from Wilts records) ref to property in the Coombe District and also Probate Rectory and/or Parsonage of Eastrop and Westrop, Highworth in 1813. (from Wilts Poll Book) 1818- Freehold House at Chitterne.

From ‘History of Chitterne’ - ‘ The benefices of Chitterne All Saints and Chitterne St Mary were united in a deed dated Oct 16 1819; and it was provided that upon one of them becoming vacant the incumbent of the other should hold both’. William Macdonald, Vicar of Chitterne All saints thus became, on the death of W S Wapshare(1819) the vicar of both parishes.

The foundation stone of the new church for the united parishes of All Saints and St Mary was laid by the Venerable Archdeacon Macdonald, Vicar, on Aug 13 1861. The new church was consecrated by the Lord Bishop of Salisbury on Nov 4 1862.

In the porch of the new church is a list of St Mary vicars with William being the last one.

His will dated 1814 leaves 500 pounds to his sisters and 1000 pounds to his younger brother James. a codicil written in 1821 refers to his two sons.

Obituary in the Salisbury and Winchester Journal on Monday 26 Nov 1821.- ‘On Monday last, died, after a long illness. Lamented by all who knew him. Aged 38, the Rev William Sandford Wapshare, Vicar of Chitterne St Mary’s in this county, and Perpetual Curate of St Thomas’ in this city’.

Cooth Anna died in Dec 1824 leaving the 10 year old William Henry and the other five children to be looked after by Frances Charlotte. Charles would look after their finances.

‘I give and bequeath my said sister Frances Charlotte Wapshare my plate, linen, and trinkets in trust for the use of my children to be divided amongst them at such time or times as she shall consider most proper and advantageous I the following manner ,
to William Henry Wapshare, a Teapot, Sugar Basin and Cream Jug, 4 Sauce Boats and Ladles, 12 Tea Spoons, a Mustard Pot and 12 Desert Spoons.
To Charles John Wapshare, a Coffee Pot, 16 Table Spoons, 7 Salt Spoons, a Butter Knife and Snuffer pan.
To Mary Wapshare, 4 Candlesticks and 16 Large Forks.
To Anna Wapshare, a Bread Basket, 18 Tea Spoons and a pair of Sugar Tongs.
To Katherine Eleanor Wapshare, a Cruet Stand, 14 Sweet Forks and a Soup Ladle and a gravy spoon.

My linen to be equally divided or as nearly as may be amongst them and my trinkets to be equally divided or as nearly as may be amongst Mary Wapshare, Anne Wapshare and Katherine Eleanor Wapshare

I give and bequeath a writing desk left me by my dear brother Charles Good to my brother William Good and the two books it contained entitled Leighton’s Commentary to my brother Henry Good.

I appoint the said Revd. Charles Wapshare Executor of this my will August 27th 1824.’

So Frances Charlotte took on all six children and proceeded to bring them up. She never married but went to live at Bishopstrow which is the next village to Chitterne.

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William’s son was the Wapshare who went to India