Richard of Windsor


According to Martin Vincent’s amazing one name study of the Wapshott family, there was a Richard Wapshott who lived in New Windsor Berkshire. Richard had a brother, Edward, and sisters Ann and Rose. In his will written in 1611, Edward, described as ‘husbandman’ of Pirbright, bequeathed the lease of Cobbs in Pirbright to Robert, Richard’s son.

Robert was a Carpenter who married Margaret Dale in New Windsor on 8 Oct 1627. Margaret was born in 1604 and after he died in 1640 she married again. Her death in 1667 is taken from the Quaker Register in Windsor but before she died she was party to a deed of release relating to Cobbs. Robert’s will refers to his brother William and parents in law, Richard and Margaret Dale. At his death, Robert had timber in Scotland Yard, Westminster and was due money for work he had carried out in Windsor Castle.

Robert and Margaret had six children, Richard, born 16 Feb 1628, William 1631, Edward 1633, Martha 1635, Robert 1638 and William 1640. Martin Vincent felt that Richard married Elizabeth somewhere else and then went to live in Salisbury in his late 30s. If this is the same Richard, his name was altered to Wapshat in Salisbury and their first child ,’Hannah’, was born in 1666. Richard died before Elizabeth and was buried in St Martins on 9 Feb 1716, he would have been almost 88.

The wills of Edward and William Wapshott suggest a link with Bermondsey and Southwark, Edward makes reference to his mother Margaret, ‘now wife of Godfrey Readford’ and William’s wife, Lettice, who outlived him by almost 30 years, was described as the widow of William of Southwark.

Richard and Elizabeth had two sons and two daughters, the two sons Henry Wapshat and Robert Wapshat, both became Helliers, or roofers, a trade which is not too far removed from Richard’s father’s trade as a carpenter in Windsor. Both of these brothers changed their names to Wapshare and went on to father extensive families. They owned property and leases and left their tools to their sons.

Surhannah (Hannah) Wapshat was Christened at St Martins, Salisbury, on the 11 Apr 1666 and on 31 Jan 1696 an Elizabeth Wapshat was Christened at St.Martins with the mother’ name given as Hannah. There is no record of a marriage. However Nanamiah Wapshed who was born about 1677 in Sarum and on 6 Feb 1698 she married John Stevens. (Stephens)

These were not good times to be living in England as the war with the Dutch was going badly and 1665 had been the year of the great plague. In September 1666 the great fire of London raged for four days. Salisbury might have seemed like a better place to live under the circumstances as the worst of the plague was over in 1661 when the mayor, John Ivie, published his ‘Declaration’ following his many years of action against crime and poverty during the plague years.

Robert Wapshare was born in 1673 and married Sarah Sweetman in 1695, They has 8 children and Robert lived to be 70. His first son, Robert is mentioned in a document that I have which is signed by John Hall, whose hall is still the foyer of the cinema. Dated 1748 John Hall sells property in Draggon Street which was occupied by Robert Wapshare. This was Martin Vincent’s tree which has about 35 Wapshare names leading to the name Wright which was his mother’s maiden name.

It is Henry Wapshare, the older brother whose family branches spread to London, Liverpool, Glasgow, New York, New Jersey, Canada and South Australia. Some of us stayed in Salisbury but only one remains there today. (2008) See Martin Vincent’s Wapshare trees.