James was born on 1 Jul 1784 and was baptized in the cathedral on the 1 Oct 1784. He lived to be 90, was married three times and owned property in the west country. James seems to have been a considerable scholar and moved from Salisbury to Bath and then to London.

In 1807 James was listed as the owner of Freshford Mill, west of Bradford on Avon, it was leased to Thomas Joyce. There were also plots of land at Sharpstone and Dunkirk nearby. By 1822 William Gee was renting 7 of these plots. This from Ken Rogers’ Wiltshire and Somerset Woolen Mills.(Freshford mill 1822)
FILE - TWERTON - ref. DD\S\WI/4 - date: 1809 (West of Bath)
[from Scope and Content] (Ebenezer Brome of Bradford (co.Wilts.), clothier and Jas.Wapshare of Bath, esq.). from British Library

Then he was married - From the ‘Journal’ Mon 10 feb 1812 - ‘On Thursday was married, at Bath, James Wapshare Esq. Late of the Close of Salisbury, to Harriet youngest daughter of the late William Leigh Symes, Esq. of Jamaica’. Harriet was 22 when she married and she died 2 years later.

In 1818 he married Elizabeth Jane Waring and they had a daughter Georgina. But Jane died in 1830 when her daughter was 10. James finally married Anna Marie Jones who was born in Meerut, India, they had a son James Frederick who was born in 1844 but died when he was 8. Anna outlived her husband by 20 years and died in July 1894.

James had not been ordained like his brothers but took a very keen interest in theology. On the Ist June 1857, (when William’s grandson was en route to India and the Mutiny was starting in Meerut), James wrote to Benjamin Jowett from his home at 27 George Street, Portman Square, London. In 6 pages he discusses in detail BJ’s edition of St Paul.- Jowett Papers gp 1, class E4.

B Jowett became the Master of Balliol College, Oxford in 1870 and was there for 50 years. He translated and published many works of Plato. Jowett saw Balliol’s role as educating the future rulers of the British Empire. James appears in the index of Jowett contemporaries. I E5/3.

There are three publications listed at the British Library -

1849- A Harmony of the Word of God in Spirit and in Truth (1001)

1850- The Crisis: the wolf in sheep’s clothing detected; or, Popery made naked to her shame; in a letter to the Bishop of London. (1002)

1867- A, B, C, or, Thoughts on the principles of Biblical interpretation, etc. (signed; J.W., Octogenarius). (1003)

Harriett buried at Newton Tony, Wiltshire