Case Notes of William Wapshare


 The Enclosure Act for Grateley Hampshire

An Act of Parliament for the enclosure of all common land in Grateley was passed in the eighteenth year of the Reign of George III (1778). Notice was posted in the Church on Sunday 12th July and a meeting held Tuesday 7th August, in the house of Richard Marker known by the Sign of the Star and Garter in Andover. 
The committee thus consisted of Charles Wm. Wapshare, Tho. Browne and R Bloxham who undertook, by signed oath, to carry out the Act to the best of their skill.
A total of 436 acres, 3 roods and 17 perches, including the roads, paths and ways over the common fields and ....To Frances Webb, Surveyor - £33:14:3
To Wm. Wapshare - for soliciting the Act of Parliament, His attendance at the meeting and arranging the meeting £314:15:6,
To Richard Marker for entertaining the meeting at the Star & Garter - £19:17:10,
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The Hampshire County Records also have details of the following dealings.

Finding No Title Date [ 1 ] 8M56/128 Valuation of Swaythling House, Swaythling Farm, Hatch Farm, manors and lands in Arnewood, Sway and Buckland made by Wapshare and King 11 Feb 1769 [ 2 ] 8M56/129 Valuation of reversions of lifehold estates and freehold rents in manors of Anrewood, SwayQuarr, Buckland and Stoneham made by W Wapshare 11 Feb 1769 [ 3 ] 4M63/84 Memorandum of agreement between William Reade and Charles William Wapshare on the part of Henry Dawkins, esq, concerning Dawkins' possession of the goods of Thomas Toomer for arrears owed to Dawkins' 27 Nov 1780 [ 4 ] 45M69/65 Lease for 13.75 years, (i) leases to (ii), of a messuage and closes of land, The Rising Sun and 2 closes of pasture -6 acres- on the south side of the Turnpike from Romsey to Salisbury, in Droxford 1795 [ 5 ] 9M73/G602 Charles William Wapshare, Salisbury 20 Nov 1777 [ 6 ] 9M73/G603 William Wapshare, Hackwood, Basingstoke, Salisbury 1746-1767 [ 7 ] 15A01/4/9 Salisbury 11 Nov 1779

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